This Toolbox is a Knowledge Sharing Platform on Urban Development in the Mediterranean. It intends to be a useful, attractive and user-friendly database not only including technical content, but also offering visual materials and best practices, promoting urban analyses while inspiring new initiatives. To that end, the web offers three main sections: Cases, Voices and Resources, including contents for each of the 10 topics addressed and different tags relating the contents.

The toolbox includes three types of categories: cases, voices and tools.

  • Cases: best practices developed in Mediterranean cities
  • Voices: video clips from experts from the region.
  • Tools: a recompilation of existing materials developed in previous projects.

Those will include:

1. Guidelines: thematic documents and plans.

2. Instruments: innovative responses to existing challenges.

The toolbox is managed by MedCities and it is a multi-stakeholder platform where contents from different organisations and projects are made available.